Kitten for Christmas 2017

Perfect Sunday to get some nice shots of our six weeks old kittens. All kittens seem very low in FELD1 allergen. Please don’t delay to enquirer if you are interested as one or kitten may be still available. As always fist in first served.

3 Replies to “Kitten for Christmas 2017”

  1. Bianca

    Hi, we are looking for a Siberian kitten and hoping you have one available? Please could you advise? We live in Wellington.

  2. Jessica

    Hi, we are looking for a Neva Siberian kitten and do you have one available? We live in Wellington.

  3. Jess


    We are cat lovers but one of us is allergic. All my research points to the Siberian breed being the best choice. So my question is. Do you have any available? Also could please give me an idea of cost. I would even be happy with an adult cat of you are thinking of retiring any of your breeding cats. (Fixed of course)

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