Smaug and Solembum

Smaug and Solembum, our two little kitten boys.

Both boys are Black Smoke White, and look like they wear  a dark jacket over a white shirt. 

This is a very rare color, a chance of 2% to get them with a smoke colored mum. We only know one other Siberian with that color.

Kywy's Smaug

Kywy’s Smaug (reserved)


Kywy's Solembum

Kywy’s Solembum

3 Replies to “Smaug and Solembum”

  1. Reinhard & Petra

    Smaug hat soooo einen suessen Kragen !!! solch ein susses Gesicht…. ein 1 million $ Kitty…waere sofort meine 1. Wahl… mein erster und bester Griff, wenn ich in Wellington waere.

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