Breeding Standards

Breeding Standards for Siberian Cats.

We breed our cats according  to the rules of the World Cat Federation WCF.
The WCF is member of the World Cat Congress.
The WCF knows the Siberian Cat as an own semi longhair breed as well as the Neva Masquarade as a separate one. WCF published separate breed specifications and standards for both breeds which you can find on our page.

The following standard is published by the WCF.

Medium sized to large cat, well-muscled and heavily built. Neck short and substantial, legs also muscular and of medium length; feet big, compact, round and well tufted. Tail as long as to reach the shoulder blade , slightly tapering, furnished bushy.

Head short and broad with low set wide cheek bones, rounded muzzle and chin, forehead slightly curved, gently rounded contours and slightly curved profile. Nose of even width from bridge to nose leather.

Medium-large, wide at base with slightly rounded tips. Set wide apart and tilted slightly forward.

Large, slightly oval shaped with rounded lower line, set slightly oblique and wide apart. Eye 
colour to be uniform and harmonizing with coat colour. Any shade from yellow/gold to green
is accepted. In whites and vans the eye colour may also be blue or odd-eyed. In pointed cats 
the eye colour is blue on principle, the deeper the blue the better.

Coat is of medium length; very dense undercoat, soft and fine, covered by a coarser, more 
substantial top coat. The dense smoothly flowing top coat is waterproof and glossy, of coarse, 
crisp texture, completely covering the back, flanks and the upper side of the tail. Undersides 
of body and back side of hind legs have only undercoat. Particularly long hair on neck, chest, breeches and tail.

Scale of Points Body: 35 Points
Head: 30 Points
Coat Texture: 25 Points
Coat Colour and Markings: 5 Points
Condition: 5 Points

On 08/03/2002 the WCF General Assembly decided at their meeting in Milan that, as of now, 
cross breeding of extraneous breeds to the natural breeds Maine Coon, Norwegian, Turkish 
and Siberian depend on the permission by the judge’s commission.

A simmilar standard is published by the Cat Control Council of Australia (CCCA) – PDF