About Us – Siberian Cats of Kywy’s

Since 2005 we breed Siberian Cats. We always had cats living with us, since our childhood. So it was natural that we started breeding cats when we had the space and time to give the necessary attention to the cats and kitten to grow them to beautiful pets with an amazing character.

Our first cattery was named “Von der Hirtenwiese”, just from the landmark next to our house.

Von der Hirtenwiese Banner

We have chosen Siberian Cats because of their natural behaviour, their health and beauty. The first Siberian cat we had was actually a Neva Masquerade, Coco Chanel vom Gelben Haus in Berlin.  Soon got Dorogajas Fiona and Alladyn and in February 2005 our first Litter from Fiona.

Coco Chamel vom gelben Haus

Coco Chanel vom Gelben Haus, Siberian Cat, Neva Masquarade

In 2007 we moved to New Zealand and we took most of our cats with us from Germany. And in early 2008 we got the first litter in Wellington, still with the German cattery name. Later in 2008 we renamed our cattery to Kywy’s and registered with CATZ.inc in Auckland.

In the last years we had a variety of kittens which are loved as pets and also succeeded in breeding programs all over the world.